Marjorie Mirham

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Hello there! My name is Marjorie, and I'm full of raunchy surprises. I have a conniving smile and charm that I love to put on to bait you into my sexual imprisonment. I love being at home as nude as can be. I love to feel free and loose. I believe in letting it all hangout. I keep my body in physical shape by having lots and lots of phone sex and swallowing lots and lots of nutrient cum. I am obsessed with my body and need daily phone sex to keep it looking the way that it does. I also love a hot guy who wants to praise and worship my body as well. I love compliments and flirting. Tell me how sexy I am and all of the things that you want to do to my body. Don't be boring and basic, either! That will turn me all the way off with how lame you are! Say something that will grab and keep my attention. Something that will excite me and make my pussy moist. I want to hear nasty things that will make my nipples rock hard. I'll return the favor by making your cock rock hard at the same time with the softness of my voice talking to it. I would want you to put the phone by your cock and let me talk dirty to it. I will tell it how my mouth is quenching for it and how I want to hear how it sounds when it's stroked and jerked fast. Your cock has been telling you he wants some pleasuring company. My sexy body is the answer to all of its sexual gratification.

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