Lorraine Lars


There is no other way to say it except I am a bad, bad girl. I like the wild rugged men that work hard and play harsh. Pierce me and tattoo me. Claim me as your bitch. But when I am naughty I know that you are going to punish me. Kick me, spank me, smother me and restrain me. Teach me a lesson that I will not forget. Humiliate me in front of your friends or neighbors. Bend me over and take me as you want. I will suck your huge cock anytime. But I know you like threesomes the best. I will aim to please you. You know that I will try to be a good girl again.

But lets just face it, my wild side is going to come right back out. I know that I am going to be in trouble again. So brand me as your bitch. It may take awhile to break me but that is what I really want. As long as you are strong enough to dominate me then you can have me. Do you have what it takes? Call me and lets find out.