Lizette Gayle


Well hello there,my name is Lizette. I'm a naughty little spoiled brat princess, Well that's what I have been told anyways. I am a Daddy's girl, must be the reason I am spoiled rotten. My Daddy makes sure that his little spoiled princess get's everything she wants. When I don't get my way, I pout out my lips and give my Daddy a sad little look with my puppy dog eyes. If that doesn't work, I just show my Daddy how much I love him. I know exactly what it takes to make my Daddy happy too. I put on my sexy little pin stripped pleated skirt, and my knee high socks, and get down on my knees for Daddy.

Sometimes at night, I sneak into his bedroom wearing only my little cotton panties and my little tank top. At first, Daddy said it was wrong for me to be in his bed. Well especially when my mom isn't there. “But as soon as he touched my little tits, he couldn't hold back. I love to feel his warm mouth on my hard little nipples. It makes my tight little pussy all wet for his big fingers. He even kisses my little pussy, and it drives me crazy! I know I am such a bad girl, but it feels amazing to have Daddy's touch.

My daddy likes it when I taste his hard cock. I like to play games and lick it up and down like a lollipop. Sometimes it taste so sweet, and others it feels like a neglected cock. I resisted for a long time, I just needed to see what Daddy felt like inside of me. I knew it was the perfect time because I was dripping wet.

Daddy likes to take his time when he fucks his little cum hungry princess, making sure I enjoy it as much as he does. I will be Daddy's little girl forever and always. I know I shouldn't feel this way about Daddy, but I can't help myself, I feel like his loyal pet, I need his tender touch, his cock, his lips. I want to be your young girl fantasies, your co-ed, your barely legal one's, I love to make a man drool, and crave and need, But want me like no other, I am here to please so come and get me.

Kisses, and licks, Lizette

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