Krystal Sommer


I may look innocent but I have many hidden secrets that not very many people know. I really am a bisexual nympho maniac, that cannot get enough sex. I have an oral fetish that helps quench my thirst for your cum. I also love to play in the world of giantess, I even put the little figures that I have hidden in my bedroom drawer up inside me. Then I lick all the juices off of them and carry them in my pocket all day long. My other fetish is that I have a desire to play with your feet. It makes me soak my panties when I think of licking and sucking your toes. Smelling the odor of your feet. Sticking your toes inside me, I so love to ride your big toe. It really gives me such an orgasm that I squirt my juices all over your feet. I want you to cum play with me. I am ready to have a major orgasm with you.
Call me and lets have some fun.

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