Dusty Denver


I bet you're wondering why your release would be so spectacular after a phone sex session with Me. Easy…you will be pushed hard, driven further, teased mercilessly., By the time you hear me say, “Cum hard…now!”, you'll orgasm with an intensity that blows your mind, and leave you panting in a pool of sticky "satisfaction". You will be lying there asking yourself, “What just happened? Whatever it was, I NEED more of that!”

Mega releases of this type are very addictive. That is a fact. It puts ordinary orgasms to shame. Once you have a release this forceful, you will be eager to have another. And each time, you will be taken a little further. Your boundaries will be pushed. You like that anyway, don’t you? Just when you think you can’t cum any harder, you will be proven wrong; and happy to discover it too.

I do have a softer side. I'm not always hardcore. I do enjoy sensual and erotic roleplay too. So, if you are looking for the MILF next door, or a hot girlfriend experience, or someone to confess those dark dirty secrets that reside in your mind, I'm the one for you. Let me help you, so every time you close your eyes, you can picture yourself masturbating for me.

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