Destiney Karins


I may look like the mom next door. However, I have some dirty little secrets of my own. Once you close the door to my bedroom. All the rules change. I have a panty fetish and I enjoy dressing my partner in my clothes. I find cross dressing very erotic. The thought makes my panties get soaked with my hot juices. I just want to throw you on the bed nipple and bite and scratch you. You are my prey. Put my panties on your face while you smell me. That's right just like a gas mask. I will ride you so hard with my strap on that you will scream and beg for me to stop. I will show You no mercy. I will sit on your face and smother you will be tasting my excitement. You will be cumming in my panties before you leave, so that our juices are mixed together. I will make you promise not to tell my secrets. If you want to come back for another visit you had better do what you are told. Maybe I will let you cum visit me again. Call me, I will be your kinky little friend...

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